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Scientific Instruments - General Science

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1. Cinematography
  It is an instrument used in cinema making to throw on screen and enlarged image of photograph.
2. Crescograph
  It measures the growth in plants.
3. Cyclotron
  A charged particles accelerator which can accelerate charged particles into high energies.
4. Dynamo
  It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
5. Dynamometer
  It measures electric power.
6. Electrometer
  It measures electricity.
7. Electroscope
  It detects presence of an electric charge.
8. Endoscope
  It examines internal parts of the body.
9. Radiometer
  It measures the emission of radiant energy.
10. Rain Gauge
  An apparatus for recording rainfall at a particular place.
11. Radar
  It is used for detecting the direction and range of an approaching plane by means of radio microwaves.
12. Pyrometer
  It measures very high temperature.
13. Potentiometer
  It is used for comparing electromotive force of cells.
14. Periscope
  It is used to view objects above sea level (used in sub marines)
15. Photometer
  The instrument compares the luminous intensity of the source of light.
16. Phonograph
  An instrument for producing sound.
17. Odometer
  An instrument by which the distance covered by wheeled vehicles is measured.
18. Microscope
  It is used to obtain magnified view of small objects.
19. Chronometer
  It determines longitude of a place kept onboard ship.
20. Cardiogram
  It traces movements of the heart, recorded on a cardiograph.
21. Carburetor
  It is used in an internal combustion engine for charging air with petrol vapour.
22. Calorimeter
  It measures quantity of heat.
23. Balometer
  It measures heat radiation.
24. Binocular
  It is used to view distant objects.
25. Barometer
  It measures atmospheric pressure.
26. Barograph
  It is used for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure.
27. Audiophone
  It is used for improving imperfect sense of hearing.
28. Audiometer
  It measures intensity of sound.
29. Microphone
  It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations and to magnify the sound.
30. Mariner's compass
  It is an instrument used by the sailors to determine the direction.
31. Lactometer
  It determines the purity of milk.
32. Kymograph
  It graphically records physiological movements (Blood Pressure and heart beat)
33. Hydrophone
  It measures sound under water.
34. Hydrometer
  It measures the specific gravity of liquids.
35. Galvanometer
  It measures the electric current of low magnitude.
36. Fathometer
  It measures the depth of the ocean.
37. Microphone
  It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations and to magnify the sound.
38. Eudiometer
  A glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between gases.
39. Thermometer
  This instrument is used for the measurement of temperature.
40. Theodolite
  It measures horizontal and vertical angles.
41. Telescope
  It views distant objects in space.
42. Teleprinter
  This instrument receives and sends typed messages from one place to another
43. Tachometer
  An instrument used in measuring speeds of aero planes and motor boats.
44. Straboscope
  It is used to view rapidly moving objects.
45. Stethoscope
  An instrument which is used by the doctors to hear and analyze heart and lung sounds.
46. Stereoscope
  It is used to view two dimensional pictures.
47. Spherometer
  It measures the curvatures of surfaces.
48. Spectrometer
  It is an instrument for measuring the energy distribution of a particular type of radiation.
49. Sextant
  This is used by navigators to find the latitude of a place by measuring the elevation above the horizon of the sun or another star.
50. Salinometer
  It determines salinity of solution.
51. Voltmeter
  It measures the electric potential difference between two points.
52. Viscometer
  It measures the viscosity of liquids.
53. Thermostat
  It regulates the temperature at a particular point.
54. Refractometer
  It measures refractive index.
55. Altimeter
  It measures altitudes and is used in aircrafts.
56. Ammeter
  It measures strength of electric current (in amperes).
57. Anemometer
  It measures force and velocity of wind.