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Java Programming Questions

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37. What is serialization?
  Serialization is a process by which an object instance is converted into stream of bytes. There are many useful stuff you can do when the object instance is converted in to stream of bytes for instance you can save the object in hard disk or send it across the network.
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38. What is EJB?
  EJB is a standard for building server side components in JAVA. It specifies an agreement between components and application servers that enables any component to run in any application server.
EJP components are deployable and can be imported in to an application server which hosts these components.
EJB are not intended for client side they are server side components.
They are specially meant for complex server side components like executing complex algorithms or high volume business transactions.
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39. What is a Socket?
  A socket is one end point of a two way communication link between two programs running on the network. A socket is bound to a port number so that the TCP layer can identify the application that data is destined to be sent. Socket classes are used to represent the connection between a client program and a server program. The package provides two classes. Sockets and serversocket which implement the client side of the connection and the server side of the connection respectively.
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40. What are native methods?
  Native methods are methods written in other languages like C, C++ or even assembly languages. You can call native methods from Java using JNI> Native methods are used when the implementation of a particular method is present in language other than Java say C, C++.
To use the native methods in java we use the keyword native public native method_a().
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