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Java Programming Questions

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9. What are abstract methods?
  • Abstract class can contain abstract methods.
  • Abstract methods do not have implementation.
  • Abstract methods should be implemented in the subclasses which inherit them.
  • So if an abstract class has an abstract methods class inheriting the abstract class should implement the method or else java compiler will through an error.
  • In this way, an abstract class defines a complete programming interface thereby providing its subclasses with the method declarations for all of the methods necessary to implement that programming interface.
  • Abstract methods are defined using "abstract" keyword. Below is a sample code snippet.
Abstract class myAbstractGraphics
Abstract void draw ();
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10. Can constructors be parameterized?
  Yes, we can have parameterized constructor which can also be termed as constructor overloading.
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11. What are JAVAdoc doclets?
  Doclets helps us to specify the content and format for Javadoc tool. By default Javadoc uses the standard doclet provided by sun. But you can supply your own customized output for Javadoc.
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12. Define exceptions?
  An exception is an abnormal condition that arises in a code sequence at run time.
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