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Java Programming Questions

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5. Why is Java not 100% pure OOP language?
  • Java takes inspirations from C and C++.
  • The native data types like 'char', 'int', 'float', and 'double' are straight pick from C, which is not an Object Oriented Language.
  • Reasonably enough Java is not a 100% pure Object Oriented Language.
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6. What is the difference between Assignment and Initialization?
  Assignment can be done as many times as desired whereas initialization can be done only once.
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7. What is Enumeration Interface?
  • Enumeration interface defines the methods by which you can enumerate the elements in a collection of objects.
  • In JAVA collection its now replaced by Iterator.
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8. What is a constructor in class?
  • Constructor has the same name as the class in which it resides and from syntax point of view it looks similar to a method.
  • Constructor is automatically called immediately after the object is created, before the new operator completes.
  • Constructors have no return type, not even void.
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