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Zoology Questions and Answers

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106. Who discovered the circulatory system of man?
  • A. Robert Hook
  • B. Robert Brown
  • C. William Harvey
  • D. Landsteiner
107. The environmental pollution is mainly due to
  • A. animals and plants
  • B. micro organisms
  • C. human activities
  • D. intensive cultivation
108. Which one of the following is an anti coagulant?
  • A. antithrombin
  • B. prothrombin
  • C. heparin
  • D. fibrinogen
109. Which one of the toxic gases in the environment lowers the resitance to pneumoniain human beings?
  • A. carbon dioxide
  • B. sulphur dioxide
  • C. hydrogen dioxide
  • D. hydrogen chloride
110. Cell divison takes place
  • A. in the cytoplasm
  • B. in the nucleus
  • C. in the mitochondria
  • D. in the nucleolus