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Java Basic Mcq Questions and Answers

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9. Object oriented programming language, is
  • A. C++
  • B. Java
  • C. Both (a) and (b)
  • D. None of these
Answer: C.
Both (a) and (b)
10. Java
  • A. Support an explicit pointer type
  • B. Possesses a new operator
  • C. Includes the C unique statement keywords go to size of and typedef
  • D. All of these
Answer: B.
Possesses a new operator
11. ?: is: a/an
  • A. Conditional operator
  • B. Assignment operator
  • C. Inequality
  • D. Logical AND
Answer: A.
Conditional operator
12. Which one of the following languages is suitable to implement the OOP concepts?
  • A. Objective C and C++
  • B. Small talk
  • C. Ada
  • D. All of these
Answer: D.
All of these