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History Gk Quiz

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36. Who was the first king to have the image of Lord Buddha inscribed on his coins?
  • A. Ashoka
  • B. Kanishka
  • C. Dharmpala
  • D. Harshavardhana
37. Which of the following is said to be the oldest Jaina scripture?
  • A. Twelve Angas
  • B. Twelve Upangas
  • C. Fourteen Purvas
  • D. Fourteen Uparvas
38. Which of the following rivers is not mentioned frequently in Rig Vedic hymns?
  • A. Saraswati
  • B. Ganges
  • C. Sindhu
  • D. Brahmaputra
39. Who among the following was a great ruler of Kalinga in ancient times?
  • A. Kharavela
  • B. Ajatasatru
  • C. Bindusara
  • D. Mayurasarman
40. Kanishka's capital was at
  • A. Kanauj
  • B. Mathura
  • C. Peshawar
  • D. Amravati