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Indian Politics Gk Questions

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1. Who amongst the following is not entitled to take part in the activities of Lok Sabha?
  • A. The comptroller and Auditor General of India
  • B. The secretary to president of India
  • C. The Attorney General of India
  • D. The solicitor General
Answer: B.
The secretary to president of India
2. In which of the following committees there is no representation of Rajya Sabha?
  • A. Public Account Committee
  • B. Committee on public undertaking
  • C. Committee on Government Assurances
  • D. Estimate Committee
Answer: D.
Estimate Committee
3. Who advises the Government of India on legal mattes?
  • A. Chief justice of supreme court
  • B. Attorney General
  • C. Chairman, Law Commission
  • D. None of these
Answer: B.
Attorney General
4. Which of the following appointments is not made by the President of India?
  • A. Speakers of the Lok Sabha
  • B. Chief Justice of India
  • C. Chief of Air Staff
  • D. Chief of Army
Answer: A.
Speakers of the Lok Sabha