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History General Awareness Questions and Answers

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9. The chief occupation of the people of vedic period was
  • A. agriculture
  • B. carpentry
  • C. cattle rearing
  • D. trade
Answer: A.
10. What was the original name of Pataliputra?
  • A. Vataabi
  • B. Kusinagar
  • C. Avanti
  • D. Rajagraha
Answer: D.
11. The office of the secretary of state for India was set at
  • A. Chennai
  • B. Kolkata
  • C. Delhi
  • D. London
Answer: D.
12. The permanent land revenue settlement was announced by
  • A. Lord Curzon
  • B. Lord Lytton
  • C. Lord Cornwallis
  • D. Lord Wellesley
Answer: C.
Lord Cornwallis