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Computer Awareness Gk

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91. A temporary storage area, attached to the CPU, for I/O operations is a
  • A. buffer
  • B. register
  • C. core
  • D. channel
92. Which of the following is NOT operating system?
  • A. Unix
  • B. Java
  • C. Dos
  • D. Window NT
93. The topology or types of networks are
  • A. Ring topology
  • B. Star topology
  • C. Bus topology
  • D. All the above
94. Which command can be used to copy the contents of the current database file to a new file?
  • A. COPY
  • C. COPY TO
  • D. None of the above
95. Which statement can be used to immediate exit from a loop construct?
  • A. Quit
  • B. Exit
  • C. Stop
  • D. Any of the above