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Computer Awareness

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96. Cassette tape is
  • A. a primary storage medium
  • B. volatile storage medium
  • C. a secondary storage medium
  • D. none of these
97. The following is not a input devices
  • A. Voice recognition devices
  • B. Printer
  • C. Optical scanners
  • D. Keyboard
98. A secondary storage device that uses a long plastic strip coated with a magnetic material as a recording medium is
  • A. hard disk
  • B. magnetic tape
  • C. compact disk
  • D. none of these
99. FoxPro is generally used for
  • A. scientific calculations
  • B. engineering applications
  • C. business applications
  • D. all the above
100. A storage medium that retains its contents even in the absence of power is referred as
  • A. volatile storage
  • B. non volatile storage
  • C. primary storage
  • D. secondary storage