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Computer Quiz

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41. A computer programmer is a person who
  • A. sells program
  • B. use programs
  • C. writes programs
  • D. None of these
42. Which of the following is the input device?
  • A. scanner
  • B. pointing Mouse
  • C. keyboard
  • D. all the above
43. The set of instructions that tells the computer what to do is
  • A. Softcopy
  • B. Hardware
  • C. Software
  • D. Hardcopy
44. In formatting, floppy is divided into
  • A. tracks
  • B. sectors
  • C. both and b
  • D. None of these
45. Multi programming operation provides
  • A. Handling of more jobs
  • B. Better scheduling of work
  • C. reduced computer idle time
  • D. All of the above