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Computer Awareness for Competitive Exams

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76. A software package generally used with in a distributed word processing system is
  • A. ATMS
  • B. DWPS
  • C. DBMS
  • D. RPG
77. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
  • A. Semantic errors
  • B. Internal errors
  • C. Syntax errors
  • D. Logical errors
78. With the rapid growth of technologies and internet, it is clear that no activity on internet can remain free from the influence of
  • A. Criminal law
  • B. Cyber law
  • C. Civil court
  • D. Police
79. Which of the following might prevent a program from being modified in the future?
  • A. Pseudocode
  • B. Syntax errors
  • C. Logic errors
  • D. Lack of program documentation
80. Which one of the following when added can reduce the processing time of a computer?
  • A. a converter
  • B. a co–processor
  • C. a buffer
  • D. an eprom