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OnlineComputer Questions and Answers for Bank Exams

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26. Transmission of data in one direction is called
  • A. duplex
  • B. triplex
  • C. simplex
  • D. None of these
27. The disk placed for the easy reading on computer is
  • A. disk drive
  • B. modem
  • C. hard drive
  • D. USB Port
28. Which of the following provides the means of information for separate keys and separate instructions?
  • A. scanner
  • B. c
  • C. modem
  • D. keyboard
29. Following is not true for magnetic tape
  • A. highly reliable
  • B. low cost
  • C. direct access storage mediun
  • D. compact and portable
30. Which of the following is a Web browser?
  • A. word
  • B. paint
  • C. powerPoint
  • D. fire box