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31. Which of the following is NOT a hardware of a computer?
  • A. windows
  • B. monitor
  • C. Central Processing Unit
  • D. Key Board
32. The central processing unit consists of
  • A. The arithmetic logic unit
  • B. The registers
  • C. The control unit
  • D. All the above
33. Which of the following was not used in first generation computers?
  • A. punch cards
  • B. magnetic core
  • C. vacuum tubes
  • D. all of the above
34. The computer keyboard in English normally uses
  • A. Abcdef base
  • B. QWERT base
  • C. Asdfg base
  • D. None of these
35. In this generation transistors replaced vacuum tubes
  • A. First generation computers
  • B. Second generation computers
  • C. Third generation computers
  • D. Fourth generation computers