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Fundamentals of Computer Mcq Questions and Answers

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5. A portable, personal computer, small enough to fit on your lap, is called a
  • A. Handheld computer
  • B. Notebook computer
  • C. Mainframe computer
  • D. Desktop computer
Answer: B.
Notebook computer
6. The first computers were programmed using
  • A. Assembly language
  • B. Machine language
  • C. Source code
  • D. Spaghetti code
Answer: B.
Machine language
7. ____ is not a microcomputer.
  • A. Mainframe computer
  • B. Laptop
  • C. Tablet PC
  • D. Desktop computer
Answer: A.
Mainframe computer
8. Analog computer works on the supply of
  • A. Continuous electrical pulses
  • B. Electrical pulses but not continuous
  • C. Magnetic strength
  • D. Physical strength
Answer: A.
Continuous electrical pulses