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Fundamentals of Computer Mcq Questions and Answers

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21. Computers gather data, which means they allow users to _______ data.
  • A. present
  • B. store
  • C. input
  • D. output
Answer: C.
22. Portable computer, also known as laptop computer, weighing between 4 and 10 pounds is called
  • A. Scanner
  • B. Printer
  • C. Notebook computer
  • D. Internet
Answer: C.
Notebook computer
23. Microcomputer hardware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment _____
  • A. system unit, input/output, memory
  • B. system unit, primary storage, secondary storage
  • C. keyboard, monitor, hard drive
  • D. system unit, input/output, secondary storage
Answer: A.
system unit, input/output, memory
24. Which of the following are computers that can be carried around easily?
  • A. Mini computers
  • B. Super computers
  • C. PCs
  • D. Laptops
Answer: D.