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Botany Questions and Answers

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91. Which one of the following plants is biennial?
  • A. pineapple
  • B. carrot
  • C. banana
  • D. jack fruit
92. The study of individual plant throughout their life history in relation to the environment is called
  • A. biology
  • B. life cycle
  • C. autecology
  • D. synecology
93. Maximum rate of photosynthesis occurs in
  • A. red light
  • B. white light
  • C. green light
  • D. red and blue light
94. The Wood is made up of
  • A. primary phloem
  • B. secondary xylem
  • C. secondary phloem
  • D. primary xylem
95. The plant used by Mendel in his early experiment was
  • A. pea plant
  • B. lemon
  • C. potato
  • D. banana