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Botany Questions and Answers

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226. The branch of science which deals with the organism and its environment is
  • A. Ecology
  • B. Ethology
  • C. Aetiology
  • D. Pedology
227. In plants, the radial transport of food, water and mineral salts is performed by
  • A. pith
  • B. secondary phloem
  • C. vascular cambiums
  • D. medullary rays
228. The most important purpose of insects to visit a flower is to collect
  • A. stamens
  • B. honey
  • C. ovary
  • D. polen grains
229. Which bacteria produce vinegar in sugar solutions?
  • A. rhizobium
  • B. acetobacter
  • C. escherichia
  • D. acetobacter aceti
230. The natural places where organisms live is called
  • A. biosphere
  • B. environment
  • C. habitat
  • D. hydrosphere