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Computer Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers

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5. Which is the part of the computer systems that one can physically touch?
  • A. Hardware
  • B. Software
  • C. Operating systems
  • D. Data
Answer: A.
6. Which of the following is not an integral part of comuter?
  • A. UPS
  • B. Mouse
  • C. CPU
  • D. Monitor
Answer: A.
7. Which of the following terms is just the connection of networks that can be joined together?
  • A. Internet
  • B. Intranet
  • C. Extranet
  • D. Virtual private network
Answer: A.
8. ______ is the most important/powerful computer in a typical network.
  • A. Network station
  • B. Network server
  • C. Network client
  • D. Desktop
Answer: B.
Network server