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Computer Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers

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33. _____ devices convert human understandable data and programs into a form that the computer can process.
  • A. Monitor
  • B. Output
  • C. Input
  • D. Solid state
Answer: C.
34. The basic goal of cpmputer process is to convert data into
  • A. tables
  • B. information
  • C. files
  • D. graphs
Answer: B.
35. Manipulating data to create information is known as
  • A. analysis
  • B. programming
  • C. feedback
  • D. processing
Answer: D.
36. Which of the following is the Communication protocol that sets the standard used to every computer that accesses Web based information?
  • A. HTTP
  • B. DML
  • C. HTML
  • D. XML
Answer: A.