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Computer Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers

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25. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is ___
  • A. multitasking
  • B. time sharing
  • C. multi progranming
  • D. multiprocessing
Answer: a.
26. What is equipment used to capture information and commands?
  • A. Storage device
  • B. Input device
  • C. Output device
  • D. Telecommunication device
Answer: B.
Input device
27. A removable magnetic disc that holds information
  • A. portable
  • B. monitor
  • C. floppy disk
  • D. hard drive
Answer: C.
floppy disk
28. The information you put into the computer is called ____
  • A. data
  • B. facts
  • C. files
  • D. directory
Answer: A.