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Banking Computer Gk Quiz Answers

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1. Which of the following is billionth of a second?
  • A. Gigabyte
  • B. Terabyte
  • C. Microsecond
  • D. Nanosecond
Answer: D.
2. Which of the following peripheral devices displays information to a user?
  • A. Keyboard
  • B. Monitor
  • C. Secondary Storage Device
  • D. Mouse
Answer: B.
3. What is the permanent memory bulit into your computer called?
  • A. RAM
  • B. ROM
  • C. CD-ROM
  • D. CPU
Answer: B.
4. ______ is the process of carrying out commands.
  • A. Fetching
  • B. Storing
  • C. Decoding
  • D. Executing
Answer: D.