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Computer Abbreviations Questions and Answers

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  • A. American Standard Computer for Information Interchange
  • B. American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • C. American Special Computer for Information Interchange
  • D. American Special Computer for Information Interaction
12. MSD refers as
  • A. Most Significant Digit
  • B. Most Significant Decimal
  • C. Multiple Significant Digit
  • D. Many Significant Digit
13. LAN stands for
  • A. Lane Area Network
  • B. Local Army Network
  • C. Local Area Network
  • D. Local Area Networking
14. WAN stands for
  • A. Wide Area Network
  • B. Wide Army Network
  • C. Wide Area Network
  • D. Wide Area Networking
15. What is the meaning .EXE?
  • A. Command File
  • B. System File
  • C. Express File
  • D. Executable Files