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Computer Abbreviations Questions and Answers

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31. FAT stands for
  • A. File Allocation Table
  • B. File Accomodation Table
  • C. File Activity Table
  • D. File Access Tape
32. SRAM stands for
  • A. Special Random Access Memory
  • B. Supreme Recording Access Memory
  • C. Stable Random Access Memory
  • D. Static Random Access Memory
33. CUI stands for
  • A. Character Using Ingterface
  • B. Character User Interface
  • C. Chrome User Interface
  • D. Character Unique Interchange
34. EEPROM stands for
  • A. Electrically Erasable Principal Read Only Memory
  • B. Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  • C. Elementary Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  • D. Electronics and Electrical Programmable Read Only Memory
35. P2P stands for
  • A. Past to Past
  • B. Peek to Peek
  • C. Peer to Peer
  • D. Peek to Peek