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Computer Abbreviations Questions and Answers

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16. In Computer Technology CAD stands for
  • A. Computer and Device
  • B. Computer Algorithm and Design
  • C. Computer and Design
  • D. Computer Aided Design
17. LCD stands for
  • A. Liquid Cathode Display
  • B. Liquid Crystal Display
  • C. Liquified Crystal Display
  • D. Liquefied Cathode Display
18. USB stands for
  • A. Universal Serial Bus
  • B. Universal System Bus
  • C. Uniform Serial Bus
  • D. Unicorn Serial Bus
19. CRT stands for
  • A. Cathode Ray Tube
  • B. Cosmos Ray Tube
  • C. Crystal Ray Tube
  • D. Combine Ray Tube
20. UNIVAC stands for
  • A. Unique Numerical Integrator and Computer
  • B. Universal Adding Calculator
  • C. Universal Assumable Calculator
  • D. Universal Automatic Computer