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66. What are the uses of a pointer?
    Pointer is used in the following cases
  • It is used to access array elements
  • It is used for dynamic memory allocation
  • It is used in Call by reference
  • It is used in data structures like trees, graph, linked list etc.
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67. What are linker error?
  The Linker Errors occur during the linking process when the external symbols referred to by the program are not resolved.
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68. What are runtime error?
  The Runtime Errors occur while a program is being run and hence the name. They occur due to both program internal and external factors.
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69. When do we get logical errors?
  • The Logical Errors occur if the solution procedure for the given problem itself is wrong.
  • In this case, the outputs produced by the programs would be incorrect.
  • Correcting the solution procedure itself by better understanding of the problem eliminates these errors.
  • The Logical Errors (if any) are to be figured out by ourselves by verifying the outputs that are produced by the program.
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70. Do character constants represent numerical values?
  Yes, each character constant associates an integer value with it.
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