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Zoology Mcq Questions and Answers

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21. In human the thickest skin is present in
  • A. Sole
  • B. Head
  • C. Neck
  • D. Palm
Answer: A.
22. The study related to the fishes is called
  • A. Cryptology
  • B. Sicrotology
  • C. Lepidopterology
  • D. Ichthyology
Answer: D.
23. In the human beings, normally in which of the following parts, does the sperm fertilize the ovum?
  • A. Fallopian tube
  • B. Lower part of uterus
  • C. Upper part of uterus
  • D. Cervix
Answer: A.
Fallopian tube
24. Which one of the following is monogamous?
  • A. Deer
  • B. Walrus
  • C. Wolf
  • D. Seal
Answer: C.