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Zoology Mcq Questions and Answers

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33. Which of the following is also called Jelly Fish?
  • A. Hydra
  • B. Aurelia
  • C. Physelia
  • D. Matrideam
Answer: B.
34. Which of the following disease is caused by Vitamin B3?
  • A. Pellagra
  • B. Night blindness
  • C. Rickets
  • D. Berry berry
Answer: A.
35. Salk’s vaccine is connected with which one of the following diseases?
  • A. Small pox
  • B. T.B.
  • C. Polio
  • D. Titanus
Answer: C.
36. Arteries supplying blood heart are called
  • A. Coronary arteries
  • B. Hepatic arteries
  • C. Carotid arteries
  • D. Pulmonary arteries
Answer: A.
Coronary arteries